Please Donate Blood

This is a scary time – there is no doubt. But, I am amazed by the generosity and caring of Idahoans. Instead of feeling like victims of having to give up social events, having to take their classes online from home instead of attending school, or having to work from home, Idahoans are rising to the occasion finding ways to help each other and volunteering their skills and talents to hospitals and donating to worthy cases.

I am so proud of our health care workers – their dedication to helping people, even if doing so means putting themselves at risk. But did you know that you can save lives?

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has caused the cancellation of many blood drives. While we are absorbed with this health threat, we must not forget that every day, patients across the country need nearly thirty-six thousand life-saving units of red blood cells, seven thousand units of platelets and ten thousand units of plasma. Every single day. While we may feel helpless to prevent the coronavirus deaths, we can make sure that kids and adults with cancer or other medical conditions or those with life-threatening injuries don’t have to needlessly die due to lack of blood.

If you have fever, cough, shortness of breath or have been diagnosed with or had close contact with a person with COVID-19 in the last month, stay home and protect others. But, if you are healthy and feeling well, please reach out to your local donor center, schedule a donation, and encourage your friends and family to do so, as well. Blood donation is safe and instead of staying home and watching tv, you can save a life. Visit I have donated 27 units of blood in Idaho and I will be back to donate again next month!

One thought on “Please Donate Blood

  1. David, you will love this. Your blog arrived while I was on a conference call with all 19 family members just to catch up with what everyone was doing. The last thing I said to them was please go and give blood. I forwarded your blog to everybody because I thought the coincidence was just too good to pass up. Take care!

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