Understanding the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

This a document that I participated in developing as a briefing document for the Idaho Legislature from the IMA’s Public Health Committee. Dr. Laura McGeorge from St. Luke’s was the lead author. I thought this would be of interest for followers of my blog.• The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was developed by theContinue reading “Understanding the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)”

Why the Scientific and Medical Community Object to those who are Touting Ivermectin for the Prevention or Treatment of COVID-19

The scientific and medical community want the COVID-19 pandemic to end just as much, and likely more than you do. First of all, preserving health and life is why we all went into these professions. Second, we are tired and exhausted. Not only have we been subjected to the same limitations on our own activitiesContinue reading “Why the Scientific and Medical Community Object to those who are Touting Ivermectin for the Prevention or Treatment of COVID-19”

Identifying Disinformation – Part V

I am going to bring this series of blog posts on identifying disinformation to a conclusion. In this part V, I will summarize the key messages from the first four blog posts and add a few other pointers. During this pandemic, those of us dedicating significant amounts of time to educate the public found thatContinue reading “Identifying Disinformation – Part V”

Identifying Disinformation – Part IV

This blog series is intended to help readers in identifying when you should be suspicious that information you are being provided is intentionally false and/or misleading. I am not trying to strong-arm anyone into making a decision that they don’t think is right for them; I am merely trying to avoid people making decisions thatContinue reading “Identifying Disinformation – Part IV”

Tips for Identifying Disinformation – Part III

In this part of the series on identifying disinformation, we will look at clues from what purveyors of disinformation say that should raise red flags. If you are new to the blog or you did not read parts I and II, I just want to reiterate some important points. My intention in writing this blogContinue reading “Tips for Identifying Disinformation – Part III”

Tips For Identifying Disinformation – Part II

In Part I of this blog series, I discussed what disinformation is, why it occurs, and why it is dangerous. I want to reiterate; I am not trying to combat disinformation because I want to force anyone into doing anything that they choose not to do. As I stated, my intent is to make sureContinue reading “Tips For Identifying Disinformation – Part II”

Tips For Identifying Disinformation – Part I

This is part one of a series of blog posts that I will write on this topic. For purposes of the blog post, I am addressing “disinformation,” the spread of incorrect information with the intent to harm, confuse, mislead, or otherwise affect people’s hearts and minds to accept lies and/or support the position of thoseContinue reading “Tips For Identifying Disinformation – Part I”

What Do We Know about Natural Immunity?

Key Takeaways: Until we have more data – (1) If you have not had COVID-19 and are unvaccinated, you and your family, friends and loved ones are at risk. Please get vaccinated as soon as possible. (2) if you previously had COVID-19, we cannot tell you how much or little protection you may have againstContinue reading “What Do We Know about Natural Immunity?”

Confused about whether you can get a COVID booster shot now? Here’s your guide:

Do you have an immunodeficiency or condition that causes you to be moderately to severely immunocompromised and you previously received the J&J/Jannsen vaccine? YES –> Unfortunately, the CDC does not have enough data on this situation to recommend a booster at this time. Talk to your doctor, but go no further in this decision guide.Continue reading “Confused about whether you can get a COVID booster shot now? Here’s your guide:”

Thinking about traveling? I bet you haven’t thought about all these things.

I know. You have been cooped up far too long. You are so ready to be over this coronavirus, so what better way than to take a trip? Well, if you plan to travel, consider these things: Consider the state(s) or countries you are travelling to. Get an update as to any travel restrictions forContinue reading “Thinking about traveling? I bet you haven’t thought about all these things.”